PhotoniCare - OtoSight Middle Ear Scope

PhotoniCare was founded out of a shared passion to develop a superior solution for middle ear issues, primarily in children. With $10 billion spent annually to manage ear infections, and a documented 50% misdiagnosis rate for primary care physicians, current tools used to diagnose fluid in the middle ear fail to reliably interpret the patient’s condition. The FDA-cleared OtoSight™ Middle Ear Scope by PhotoniCare is a clinical diagnostic tool designed to eliminate subjectivity and speculation with a non-invasive and comprehensive assessment of middle ear fluid. OtoSight™ is indicated to not only visualize the presence of fluid, but also the fluid’s density, even in the presence of earwax. As a result, the simple-to-use OtoSight™ Middle Ear Scope has a 90+% reader accuracy in determining the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear. Clinicians that have had an opportunity to use OtoSight™ consider it a game-changer. This is further demonstrated by multiple best-in-show product awards and over 20 supporting clinical publications.  With OtoSight™, PhotoniCare makes the otherwise invisible visible while effectively informing a successful treatment plan like never before.

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