Freedom Healthworks

Burnout forces physicians to confront an impossible choice: leave medicine altogether or continue to miss out on quality with their families. At Freedom Healthworks, we help doctors enter the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, a better way to practice medicine. Our proven model of success provides step-by-step practice-building support so you can regain control of your career and personal life. With our expert guidance, you will be your own boss, set your own schedule, and spend time with patients that truly appreciate your services. We offer extensive services, from business planning and regulatory compliance to financial forecasting and practice management. Our experienced team helps you navigate the complexities of starting a DPC practice, because you shouldn’t need an MBA to build a profitable business. We help you achieve financial freedom and a better work-life balance with customized support and comprehensive services. We eliminate insurance billing and administrative overhead so your time at work is spent on what matters most: your patients. Join our team of FreedomDocs who have built a career they love, found financial success, and improved their quality of life, all while providing exceptional, patient-centered care.